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Jupiter Suites, the Best Affordable Hotel in Makati

I spent the weekend over in Makati, a highly unusual setup for a Southerner such as myself. We Southerners hate going out of the South, but it was worth it for this weekend with a stay at the Jupiter Suites Hotel along Makati Avenue. Jupiter Suites is a top-notch affordable hotel in Makati. It’s right at the intersection of Makati Avenue and the infamous foodie venue Jupiter Street, which is…

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Schmidt’s x Llucia – Ice Cream and Churros!

One of the exciting new destinations in Alabang is the new Madison Galeries mall hiding behind Alabang Hills, near Hillsborough. It’s a new mall, with barely anything in it right now, but that’s quickly changing. Last Sunday we had the pleasure of taste-testing the soft serve churros from Llucia, a new Churreria that’s blended with Schmidt’s: a hot dog diner cafe. Schmidt’s x Llucia, as it’s called, isn’t actually open yet so…

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Mr. Pizza is a Truly Unique Korean Pizza Sensation with Bad Nuts

We always think of Pizza as a uniquely Western invention, with its roots in Italy. But you know what happens when those wacky Asians take something Western and turn it into their own, right? You usually get a train wreck, but one with an astounding infusion of Asian virtues and a reinvention of a Western staple.  And we all love it in the end. And that’s exactly how I felt…

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Royce: the Very Best Chocolate

When it comes to popular chocolate, you have big names like Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli and the like, but the premium brand that is practically unknown and never mentioned is this little-known Japanese brand known as Royce. Unlike other brands, Royce is a young company, it was only established in Sapporo back in 1983, but since I first got a taste of its delicious creamy chocolate five years ago I have…

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Villa Del Conte : Currently Discounted Chocolate

I’m always on the hunt for bargain eats and today I stumbled across Villa Del Conte at the Alabang Town Center.  And guess what? They’re currently on discount! An Italian artisan of chocolates, the current owner of Villa Del Conte is the third generation in an Italian family that specializes in artisan chocolates. Meaning it’s a delicious recipe past down from father to son, to our eagerly waiting mouths. So…

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Aburi (6)

New Japanese Restaurant Aburi

I just dropped by the spanking new Madison Galeries mall in Alabang. It’s a tiny structure but despite having such a small footprint, there’s a lot of space and shops inside. One of the first restaurants to have opened is Aburi, a Japanese restaurant which specializes in sushi like its namesake. I came over to try some of my favorite dishes. It was 9pm and we made it just before the…

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Yakisoba at Ookini Yakitori

This is my second time blogging about Ookini. Ookini is the restaurant of choice of the Southern Chapter of Headphiles.  There is no other place we’d rather be than here… well when we’re hungry and not listening to headphones. If we want to listen to headphones our restaurant of choice is Starbucks. Hahahaha! Ookini’s food is amazing. It’s affordable, the servings are huge, and the taste is delicious. My first visit here….

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Yakisoba at Asahikawa Ramen Bangaichi

On day two of my yakisoba binge, I went to Asahikawa Ramen Bangaichi in Festival Mall. There’s really a dearth of good Japanese restaurants in Alabang, but we have our gems. Ramen Bangaichi, sadly, is not one of them.   This is actually the third time I’m blogging about Bangaichi, but I guess that just shows how few options I have that I keep eating here over and over.  First entry….

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Yakisoba at Teriyaki Boy

I’ve been in a Yakisoba mood all week, so I decided to try out Teriyaki Boy’s Yakisoba.  Teriyaki Boy has undergone a big change in their menu and has gotten more expensive. But it’s still one of the more convenient Japanese restaurants to go to here in the South. There are two easy access Teriyaki Boy branches here in Alabang. One is in South Supermarket, right next to Pancake House….

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Ukokkei's famous Tantanmen.

Ukokkei Ramen Ron – Manila’s Oldest High-End Ramen Joint

I dropped by Ramen Ukokkei for dinner after having a wonderful game of catching murderers at Beer and Boardgames with Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.  But I shall talk about that in a Geek Blog and not a Food Blog. Here, we are concerned with one of the oldest high-end ramen joints in Makati, Ukokkei. Ukokkei was once the only place you could get real quality ramen. It also had…

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