Well, we all are pretty good at concocting our own beverages, and we can easily find the ingredients to make our own Lattes, Cafe Au Laits, or Tequila Sunrises and what not at home. But when it comes to making a Macha Latte it can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a handy Japanese grocer or a Mochi Cream Cafe in the neighborhood.

Well, if you have an SNR outlet somewhere nearby you may just be in luck. Here’s my lucky find when I dropped by SNR Alabang today.  SNR Alabang is found right smack dab in the middle of Alabang, just outside Westgate, along the Zapote road. You can’t miss it.

And inside you will find this lovely thing called Caffe D’Vita’s “Macha Green Tea Blended Smoothie.”


What is it, you ask?

It’s a huge tub of macha powder, that’s what! And Macha Powder is the key ingredient in a Macha Latte. It has a big scoop inside and it says it makes 35 servings, with one scoop used per serving. That’s a lot of scoops!

The Powder inside, along with a nice big scoop.
The Powder inside, along with a nice big scoop.

It’s officially 1,361 grams (3 pounds) worth of macha powder, but I should note that it’s not pure macha powder like you’d get from Mochi Cream Cafe or other places. It’s mixed up with some sugar and I believe some milk or some other creamy content. If it were pure Macha, that would be amazing, but then it would probably also cost like 5,000 bucks, haha.

This tub will set you back 780 bucks, but it’s not so bad and I must say, it tastes great!


I just prepare it in a cup and stir in the powder. I don’t use an entire scoop, I use about half a scoop and fill up the about 3/4ths of the cup. The result is delicious, especially if you chill it first. For my purposes I used some Cowhead Full Cream milk. It’s delicious with this powder.

A cup of milk and half a scoop of powder. I recon I'll be able to make about 70 mugs of this good stuff.
A cup of milk and half a scoop of powder. I recon I’ll be able to make about 70 mugs of this good stuff.

The official instructions on the page say you should mix some water, ice and a scoop of the powder in a blender and blend until smooth. I’m sure they mean well, but I’m sure the way I do it is better.  Just chill it in the freezer for a bit before drinking and I bet my blend is infinitely superior. But I’ll try it their way… eventually.


With a cup of Cowhead milk you get an intensely creamy, smooth drink! Chilled up it will refresh you instantly. The sweetness is a bit much if I use a full scoop, so I only add about half a scoop. The macha flavor is rich and very tasty even with just half a scoop.

I pack this to work by putting some milk and powder in a shakeable bottle, sort of like how you’d prepare a Protein Whey Smoothie for drinking after a strength workout in the gym. It works equally well and is better at mixing the powder than stirring.

I have not tried preparing this hot yet, but I will eventually. Warm macha latte? Mmmmm. I bet it’ll taste better than Starbuck’s green tea latte.


What are you waiting for?! Drop by SNR and grab a tub of this quick! Before I buy it all. Mwahhahaha!!




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