I spent the weekend over in Makati, a highly unusual setup for a Southerner such as myself. We Southerners hate going out of the South, but it was worth it for this weekend with a stay at the Jupiter Suites Hotel along Makati Avenue.

Jupiter Suites is a top-notch affordable hotel in Makati. It’s right at the intersection of Makati Avenue and the infamous foodie venue Jupiter Street, which is host to a fine plethora of dining. You literally can’t walk a few feet along this avenue without seeing somewhere good to eat.

Jupiter Suites itself is situated right beside a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Papa John’s, and KFC is open 24 hours, so you’ll never go hungry. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts at the Petron across the street, a 7-Eleven across that, a Mercury right beside the hotel and a McDonald’s by that. A little behind is an awesome Japanese grocer and the noted Paris Delice patisserie. A little ways down the road is the fine Persian Kebab place, Hossein’s. And a lot more if you keep going, but that is the subject of another article.


The stay at the hotel was very pleasant. Coming into the cozy lobby you are greeted with a fine expressionist painting to your right, which I have featured for the blog. I was greeted by very friendly security and by Henry, who was at the front desk to accommodate my every need.

Jupiter (9)_Snapseed
The entrance is a little small, but it’s cozy and tight.

The lobby may look a little small, but that impression changed once I checked into my room.

This place is huge!
This place is huge!

The room is a studio-type affair and it’s suitable spacious! It’s larger than a lot of rooms I’ve been in here in Alabang, which cost twice the price of this stay. The air conditioning is turned off when you come in, so the room feels a little musty, but a few minutes turning on the air conditioning de-humidifies the room and everything is fine and dandy.

Wi-Fi is also provided, which was actually surprisingly fast. My laptop was downloading something in the background and I totally forgot about it, and was surprised to see it was going at about 300KB/sec when I realized it was open and doing something in the background. Not bad.

Oh this bed is totally putting me to sleep. In a good way.
Oh this bed is totally putting me to sleep. In a good way.

The bed is wide, spacious, with some nice linens to give it a dark burgundy accent matching the curtains. There’s a little table at the end for playing boardgames or eating, and a desk with the house rules on it. A little end table by your pillow keeps the phone and makes a great spot to setup a wireless charger for your smartphone.

The television is right in front of the bed and gives you a great view for watching a lazy movie. It’s wall mounted and I love that it wasn’t wedged straight into the wall, giving ample space to setup a Chrome Cast or Miracast dongle.  It’s just a testament to how spacious the room is that there was absolutely no need to squish everything into a tight space.

Jupiter (10)_Snapseed
A lot of room to fidget with the television. I love that I didn’t have to break out the HDMI extension cord to get the Miracast to fit.

There were a few caveats, though.
There were about five light bulbs on the ceiling but only one of them near the entrance worked. In retrospect, this wasn’t an issue, as there are lights embedded into the wall that open with a flick, and they more than kept the room bright enough to play some boardgames.

In general though, the hotel is not very well-lit, as you can see from my shots of the lobby and corridors. The typical smartphone camera will struggle to get a good picture in this light, and you’ll need a great smartphone camera or a DSLR or other capable low-light camera if you want to take good pictures in this place.

One last thing — while Jupiter Suites provides you with shampoo, soap and towels, you won’t get a toothbrush, toothpaste or slippers to use. So better bring these in your travel bag if you need them — though you can always buy a toiletries at Mercury Drug below in a pinch.

The place is three stories, with a staircase right at the entrance to let you move between floors. There’s also a small elevator by the lobby that you can use, but the place is small enough that the elevator isn’t really necessary unless you are carrying a lot of big, heavy stuff.

Take the stairs! Great exercise for our sedentary lifestyles.
Take the stairs! Great exercise for our sedentary lifestyles.


In the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a newspaper at my doorstep. I haven’t read one of these in like,  twenty years!

I so don't read newspapers anymore.
I so don’t read newspapers anymore. But it was a lovely gesture.


Breakfast was at the second floor cafe, and is served from 6:30am to 9:00am. I was given this menu to choose from.

Jupiter (13)_Snapseed
Bock Wurst! I actually have no idea what that is. Had to Google it and found it’s similar to Bratwurst, but the texture is different because of the veal used.

Unfortunately I was in the mood for French Toast, so I tried that.

Jupiter (14)_Snapseed
Love the French Toast.


And it was delicious! The French Toast was expertly made, although I would have liked the edges a little crisper, but these were good. French Toast is great whether you have it sweet or savory, and it works well with hot dogs. The hotdogs were nothing to write home abut, and right about now I was regretting my decision not to try the bockwurst, wish I could have had bockwurst with the French Toast!

They provide some Anchor butter to go with the toast, which I always love.  Anchor is my favorite “mainstream” butter when I can’t get my hands on some Creamery Butter or President’s Butter, and I use it for cooking all the time.

Jupiter (16)_Snapseed
Here’s another look at the great texture of that French Toast!


The German frank was also good.
The German frank was also good.

I much prefer the European sausages to a “pedestrian” hotdog. There are some great hotdogs, but the one here wasn’t one of them. The German frank was nice and tasty, though not as good as some Italian sausages I’ve had. I would have loved to try the Bockwurst, and it’s bothering me now that I didn’t. The next time I go to a deli, I’m so looking for Bockwurst.

Jupiter (17)_Snapseed
Some black tea to go with it.

They also serve some Lipton black tea with the meal if you so choose. Lipton’s is a safe tea brand, hard to oversteep, if at all possible, and it’s great when you mix it with some milk and sugar for some delicious milk tea.

Overall, a good breakfast to start the day, and if you’re still hungry Papa John’s is just down the stairs.


I was very happy with my stay, and you’re really getting a lot for what you pay. The room and breakfast for one night is under 2,000 bucks (usually around 1,600 or so) and the stay was way, way worth it at that price. It won’t please those who must have the absolute highest in luxury, but you can go ahead and pull out your credit card for 8,000 a night for one of those hotels.

Those who just need a great place to crash and relax, Jupiter Suites is remarkably good value for your money, with very helpful, attentive and friendly staff and a spacious room that won’t leave you claustrophobic.


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