It’s interesting but I applied for Sun’s wireless broadband plan. For 999 per month, no startup fee or modem deposit, you get the Huawei e220 modem, a burstable 384kbps broadband SIM, a free Plan 350 subscription which includes unlimited talk and text to other Sun subscribers plus a free phone (cheap Nokia phone but free is free) and the only catch is you have to stay with them for 2 years.

Not a bad deal. I tried it out with my Asus EEE PC 701 and the broadband delivers as promised, downloads go to about 45-50KB/s. Coverage though is only in Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Makati, and some other places. It’s not comprehensive *yet* but it suits my needs just fine.

I got the package last Friday actually but the slow activation of the SIMs meant I only got my connection up yesterday evening. I would recommend this to people but maybe I don’t want the Sun network getting congested, LOL.

My only caveat is that I took the the SIM and put it into my first gen iPhone, and the EDGE performance was abyssmal. I am thinking I will have to sell my iPhone and get a 3G one, the EDGE is just way too slow.

So anyone who wants it, I’m selling my iPhone for 19k hahah!