This is my second time blogging about Ookini. Ookini is the restaurant of choice of the Southern Chapter of Headphiles.  There is no other place we’d rather be than here… well when we’re hungry and not listening to headphones. If we want to listen to headphones our restaurant of choice is Starbucks. Hahahaha!

Ookini’s food is amazing. It’s affordable, the servings are huge, and the taste is delicious. My first visit here.

Today, you will discover why I am on a yakisoba rampage. It’s because of this place.


The YAKISOBA!!! Here it is! Yakisoba Rampage!!!

The Special Yakisoba is great. It's 250 bucks.
The Special Yakisoba platter. It’s 250 bucks.

When the order arrived, I was astounded! It was HUGE! It’s a big plate full of tons of meat, chicken and beef, you can see the onions and cabbage, and there’s some bonito flakes, the benishoga and lots of sesame seeds. It’s 250 bucks, one of the more expensive items on the menu, but wow, look at that. I don’t think I got the short end of the stick at all!

The unusual thing about this Yakisoba. Usually you order Yakisoba, and there’s too much noodle and not enough of anything else. This was the complete opposite. I’m like… where the hell are the noodles? The plate was swimming in so much meat and veggies that the noodles were no where to be found. I dug in, and…

There they are! The noodles were hiding!
There they are! The noodles were hiding!

Where else can you get a yakisoba like this? More meat than noodles!  But you know what?  I actually wish it were the opposite for once.

This Yakisoba… the noodles were AMAZING. I don’t know what they did, but when they stir-fried these noodles the taste clung to the noodles so hard, you could taste the savory taste just from smelling it. They are sweet, salty and savory, like some super mix of tonkastu, yakiniku and Worcestershire sauce. There was also a smoked tang to it, probably because of the bonito flakes. The symphony of the taste explosion was beyond belief. This is what Umami is.

The rest of the components were great — the chicken, the beef, and the ginger benishoga, but the noodles were where it’s at. We finished off the noodles and actually ended up leaving the meat on the plate, I wish there were more noodles!

This is the Best Yakisoba I have ever had in my life.  If you eat here, order this.

Then we ordered something called “Happy Buta.

Happy Buta. Buta means "Pig"
Happy Buta. Buta means “Pig”  This Happy pig barbecue is 150 per serving.

The first order of the night is this Happy Buta. It’s basically pork barbecue. They weren’t skewered, otherwise we’d be calling them yakibuta. The marinate on this one is great, so it has a very rich sweet savory flavor. The pork used is soft and chewy, and is riddle with fat bits, like you’d expect from a typical pinoy barbecue. It’s good, but not really my favorite. If you like BBQ, you’ll love this.

It’s pretty good. Order it if you like eating Pork BBQ!

My favorite. Cheese Katsu.
My favorite. Cheese Katsu. I order it all the time, it’s 95 bucks an order.

The cheese katsu here is divine. It’s basically a ball of cheese battered and breaded up, then deep fried. They serve it on napkins to help drain out that nasty oil. They usually make it spicy, but you can ask them not to make it spicy.

But if you love it spicy, the owner of the place will cook you up his “special sauce” whic you can use to dip the stuff in. And it becomes magnificently so much more delicious!

The Cheese Katsu is a Must Try. Order It. Twice.

Here is the special sauce. It's actually japanese mayo mixed with soy sauce and chili flakes. It's delicious!
Here is the special sauce. It’s actually Japanese mayo mixed with soy sauce and chili flakes. It’s delicious!


This is the yakitori.

This Yakitori is a special item
This Yakitori is a special item chicken barbecue. I forgot what part it was exactly though it tasted like the breast. I can’t remember how much it was.

Ookini is actually a Yakitori specialty shop. I’ll upload the menu later so you can see it. These pieces are very affordable and they are quite good. If you love grilling your food, they will give you a portable grill where you can roast your delicious chicken or pork and eat it after wards. There’s a dip with some soy sauce and salt.

The Yakitori Dip is pretty cute!
The Yakitori Dip is pretty cute!

This order is okay. I am not a fan of grilling but I liked eating this.



To end the night we had some Shouchu with Sparkling Water. The mix takes the edge of the Shouchu, but it’s still a strong, but very smooth spirit. I only had one glass but did not get drunk. Maybe if I had three glasses I’d feel tipsy.

Delicious, crystal clear liquor. It's shouchu!
Delicious, crystal clear liquor. It’s shouchu!


Ookini is still one of the best Japanese restaurants in the South. It is certainly one of the most unique. The flavors here are not conventional, and you can only get that taste here. It’s a must-eat for any foodie who loves Japanese food.

If only it weren’t so hard to get to it, I hate BF Homes but it’s worth it just to eat here.


There’s a board that tells you what’s selling best.


I strongly recommend the Yakisoba here. Wasn’t a big fan of the Oden. I must try the other stuff here thebest seller list changes a lot.

The Special of the Day
The Special of the Day Menu

They also have a special of the day. I do not recommend the Tonkotsu Ramen or the Okonomiyaki. These  dishes are better elsewhere.  Instead, go for the Yakisoba, the Ookini Don, and the Chili Cheese.

The rest of the menu is as follows. I will be back to try more items on the menu in due time. OkiniYakitoriMenu OkiniSideMenu OkiniMenu4 OkiniMenu1 OkiniMenu2 OkiniMenu3



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