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If, however, you’re cool like the rest of us hungry foodies, let’s talk about Singapore’s least kept soya secret, Mr. Bean!


It's Mr. Bean's super cute mascot. You could mistake him for a Plants vs. Zombies hero!
It’s Mr. Bean’s super cute mascot. You could mistake him for a Plants vs. Zombies hero!

For today’s visit, I went ahead and got some delicious soya milk, some pancakes and a couple of tubs of chilled taho.


Mr. Bean’s Classic Soy Milk

It's a classic! No milk mustaches, but it's a wonderfully healthy drink
It’s a classic! No milk mustaches, but it’s a wonderfully healthy drink

This is the most basic of entrees you can get from Mr. Bean. For people who don’t like soy milk, it’s probably not much. But for soy milk lovers like myself it’s fantastic! The great thing about Mr. Bean’s soy milk is that it is not sweet.  It tastes like very light but the milk is very fragrant. It’s not as sweet as other nice soy milk options such as Silk or Soyfresh, but sometimes you just want to taste the soy right?

This is perfect for that. It’s light, refreshing, and is just like normal fresh milk that is untouched except for pasteurization. No extra sugar, no frills, no nothing. Just pure, delicious soy milk. It’s a bit expensive for soymilk at 55 for a large glass, where you can buy a liter of Soyfresh for around the same price. But sometimes you just want to have it right there in the mall with your pancake, and the taste is unique enough and delicious enough to savor.

Chilled Taho

Queen Bee Chilled Taho this ain't. It's much better
Queen Bee Chilled Taho this ain’t. It’s much better

Mr. Bean’s Chilled Taho is surprisingly quite sweet. Here you have the mango and chocolate flavors. Unlike the typical chilled taho which has Arnival syrup and otherwise is just a cold version of the stuff hawkers sell on the streets, Mr. Bean’s taho has no syrup other than the flavoring packed directly into the bean curd.

The taho itself is soft, smashes like freshly-made tofu when hit with a silver spoon and slurps into your mouth without any hassle like any good taho should. The difference is in the sweet flavoring — the mango was by far sweeter with a real mango juice taste. The chocolate wasn’t as sweet and tasted more like chocolate powder rather than chocolate syrup added to the body. I much preferred the mango.


My favorite!
Kaya and Creamcheese… My favorite!

This is my favorite thing to get at Mr. Bean’s. To be honest, it’s a bit pricy at 60 a pop for what you get, but when you compare it to a Pancake House pancake you realize it’s actually pretty reasonable. But then, Pancake House’s prices were never reasonable. /rimshot

I love the pancake. It’s light, fluffy, yet very tasty with some understated yet very distinct flavors. Today we have the Cheese pancake and the Kaya pancake.

The cheese is actually not solid cheese but cream cheese. As with many delectable bakery products that use it, the cream cheese pancake is solid because of the wonderful taste of cream cheese, which has few peers. It’s not too salty, it’s not too strong, its just right and adds thick flavor and creaminess to any food you put it in. I love cream cheese, oh yeah. It sits perfectly in the soy pancake and fills your mouth with each bite.

The Kaya Pancake is the best flavor in my opinion.
The Kaya Pancake is the best flavor in my opinion.

On the other hand, my favorite pancake of all the ones Mr. Bean has is the Kaya. What is Kaya? Kaya is like Singapore’s national fruit or something, going by how prolific it is. Kaya is actually a jam made out of coconut — but unlike the Filipino coco jam Kaya is colored green and because it reeks of pandan (that’s like the secret ingredient over our normal coco jam).

Kaya is delicious! Not as delicious as coco jam of course. 🙂  But still very, very good. The kind used in Mr. Bean’s is not super sweet, which is a theme we find in the health-conscious Mr. Bean, but it’s so decadently yummy despite that you won’t miss the extra sugar at all.

Look at that oozing goodness!
Look at that oozing goodness!

Soy Ice Cream

Finally we have the perfect Vegan dessert, soy ice cream. This is a very healthy, waist-friendly dessert which has most of the joys of normal ice cream and very little of the guilt. It still has some sugar, but you miss out on the fat, full cream and yes no puppies or cows were harmed in the making of this cup of goodness.

Not so decadent, but still good
Not so decadent, but still good

For the times when you want ice cream but can’t afford the calories, or are just feeling mighty righteous on the PETA Board of Directors, Mr. Bean’s ice cream is cold, but not creamy. It has the wonderful soya smell of Mr. Bean’s sweet shops, but not so much sugar when you bite in. Perfect for people who don’t like sweet things.

I like sweets and sweet things. But every now and then I appreciate a cup of this for an alternative to Froyo or Ice Cream. And I eat this a lot when I’m dieting, and still manage to lose weight.



Anyway, Mr. Bean is one of those Singaporean food shops that I love visiting. Singapore has really proven to be quite the food hub, and while there are good and bad shops from there, I am happy to count Mr. Bean among the good ones.


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