Alabang Town Center just got a new burger joint, the fabulous 8 Cuts Burger. It’s found in the exterior food wing, right beside Wingstop, which is near Fully Booked and Jamba Juice — right behind Makati Supermarket.  After one visit, I’ve come to the conclusion that this perhaps is the best burger joint around. It’s far better than competing spots like Stackers or Burgoo. The burgers can be a bit pricey, ranging from 200 to 400 bucks each, but the taste is more than worth it.

IT's the grand opemning.
It’s the grand opening last week. Along with Santouka and Wingstop, eating out in Town just got more awesome!

The interiors are pretty posh, and quite roomy. We’ve come to expect this from restaurants at the Town Center, and at the corner you’ll even see a big cow describing the eight cuts that a cow has for its beef. On the right wall you’ll see the hashtag they want you to use when talking about then #meatourblends. Incidentally, this is also the password to their wifi.

Bright and well-appointed, this burger restaurant is good business.
Bright and well-appointed, this burger restaurant is good business.


This is the menu for their tribute burgers. You'll also see a write up of the different meat blends they have.
This is the menu for their tribute burgers. You’ll also see a write up of the different meat blends they have.

I would suggest trying one of these burgers first on your first visit. They have other things on the menu like chicken fingers, onion rings and other stuff, but why would you visit 8Cuts if not to try their famous burgers? Save the other stuff for later, dive into the burgers first.  For my first visit, I tried out the Four Cheese Burger, the Q-Daddy and their Onion Rings.

The waiter recommended trying the Q-Daddy first. It’s described as using their Ox Blend patty, which is very intense and has a strong umami taste. Well how about it?

Ox Blend Patty with tons of flavor.
Ox Blend Patty with tons of flavor.

The burgers here are ridiculously awesome. The patty is very thick and juicy, full of beefy goodness. The bread is good — it’s very fresh, not stale and hard or otherwise inedible, and lightly singed where it’s cut to give a crispy texture. The Q-Daddy itself has a zesty, tangy taste, no doubt due to the Jalapeno Ranch sauce and the Yellow Cheddar (that’s the white and yellow stuff you see there). The onion ring bits and bacon give it a great texture. There’s a bit of sweetness in it from the drizzle of barbecue sauce as well.

This is one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life. The taste is very strong and tangy, with flavor up the wazoo wafting on your tongue and lightly up your palette. I love it!

I heartily recommend the Q-Daddy. Who's your daddy?
I heartily recommend the Q-Daddy. Who’s your daddy?

Now, I also got to try the Four Cheese burger.

This is the Four Cheese Burger. I was wondering what that fried breaded thing was...
This is the Four Cheese Burger. I was wondering what that fried breaded thing on top was…

This is the burger for all you cheese lovers. However, it’s not as strong as the Q-Daddy. The fried thing on top is actually mozzarella, that confused me for a bit until I took a bite of it. Under the mozzarella is a mix of three cheeses. I am not too sure what they are, as this was Rochie’s burger and not mine and I just had a bite. The yellow stuff is the same cheddar I had on the Q-Daddy, but there’s also a white cheese mixed in; this is probably parmesan. There’s another cheese missing to make it four but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

The taste is very complex but much more delicate than the Q-Daddy. As it doesn’t have two different sauces mixed in, the taste really comes from the delicious cheeses that are blended on top of the patty. The patty itself tasted extremely similar to the Ox Blend of the Q-Daddy, but is a different mix of cuts — it’s the Beef Bomb blend.

8 Cuts makes a big deal about the different patty blends, as the name (8 Cuts) comes from the 8 cuts of cow beef, and they blend these 8 cuts in different ratios and proportions to come up with the 5 patty blends. They are: House Blend, Beef Bomb, Ox Blend, Big Game and Steak Cut.


However, I tried eating the Ox Blend (Intense, Umami) and the Beef Bomb (Well-Balanced, All Around) but unfortunately I couldn’t really distinguish the taste between the two. I am not sure if it’s because my taste buds just got overloaded by the Q-Daddy, but in the middle of the meal I cut off a small slab of the Ox Blend and a slab of the Beef Bomb, and ate them side by side after drinking some water.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste the difference and distinguish between the two, so I can’t really describe how they taste. Sorry. But know that they are good, juicy, and very beefy burgers. No extenders here, it’s really great beefy beef. When I eat here again I’ll explore the nuances of their beef blends more seriously. As it is, I couldn’t quite figure it out.


Aside from the burgers, we also tried out the fries and the onion rings.

The Skinny Fries and the Onion Rings
The Skinny Fries and the Onion Rings

Now, the skinny fries are some really thinly-cut fries. It’s similar in size and shape to Piknik potato strings, but a closer comparison would be Army Navy’s Freedom Fries. However, whereas Army Navy’s fries are spicy, the  Skinny Fries are just salty and if you want more flavor than salt and potato you only have the option of using the table condiments — ketchup and mustard.  The Skinny Fries are altogether unimpressive, even if it’s great that they are tightly cut into small slivers and  fried wonderfully. I would give them a pass — at 55 bucks I would much rather get the Onion Rings.

The Onion Rings are a totally different story. They are cheaper than the fries at 45 bucks, but are a much, much better deal.

These are some really good Onion Rings.
These are some really good Onion Rings.

Unlike the Onion Rings of Wingstop or Burger King, which are heavily breaded, giving a nice bread crumb texture, these have a more calamares or tempura-style batter, giving you a smooth batter which is perfectly crisped on the outside. There’s a junkfood chichiriya which tastes like this, albeit not as good, but I forgot the name of that snack.

These, however, are very nice — normally I prefer heavy breading with thick bread crumbs for texture, but these made me a believer in the smooth tempura-style batter. Aside from perfectly crisping it, they add some barbecue powder, which is surprisingly perfect for it. It’s slightly sweet and just a tad spicy, and it goes well with the sweet onions inside, which are very noticeable. I love it when I get the onion in my onion rings — some onion rings like Burger King’s don’t even taste like onions anymore and are just flour and batter. These are excellent.

I wholly recommend these onion rings; they are a must-order at their price whenever you go to 8Cuts.


All in all, 8Cuts was a wonderful burger joint. It’s actually just become my new favorite burger place. I would go back here over and over just to try out their huge menu. I’ve only just scratched the tip of the iceberg on their menu. I’ll be back for more for sure.



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