Major find today guys. For those of you who know the greatness that is Ghirardelli Chocolate, you’ll find even more happiness in this blog post.

I just came from Robinson’s department store in Festival Mall, Alabang. They are currently selling Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mini’s for only 145php!  That’s 17 pieces of luscious, delicious, dark chocolatey goodness for that low, low price.

It's 50% off! What are you waiting for?

It’s 50% off! What are you waiting for?

The chocolate is also in good shape. It is expiring at the end of the month, but the great thing is that it’s still nice and dark. No white splotches that can happen when chocolate gets heated and goes near its expiration date.  That means the taste is still pretty much intact.

Ghirardelli chocolate is known for being rich and creamy, with a strong chocolate flavor. This dark chocolate is especially good. It’s got a hint of sweetness but still tastes more like chocolate than sweet. It’s only slightly bitter as dark chocolate goes, which is exactly how I like it. You can easily go past the sugary taste and bitterness and instead focus on the rich chocolatey taste, which is what you’re paying top dollar for. Though in this case, you’re not paying much for a lot!

I urge any of you who like dark chocolate to go get some top-class stuff from Robinon’s right now. I have only seen it at Festival Mall so far, there are still about ten bags or so left. If it doesn’t get sold out soon, I will be back over the weekend probably to get more for my stash.

Good luck chocolate hunters!


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