I mean, wow. To be honest, I had no idea. I just looked in my Facebook inbox and found that Bloggy’s has been trying to contact me for the past month to let me know that I’m a 2015 Finalist under the Food category.

Oh my. When did this happen? Did I crawl out from under a rock to find something amazing everybody else knows?!
Oh my. When did this happen? Did I crawl out from under a rock to find something amazing everybody else knows?!

What started out as a personal journey to get my thoughts on food and tasty dining all of a sudden became, you know, real. Now I feel guilty playing Fallout 4 all week long and basically ignoring my blog.

Finding out something like this just fills you with inspiration and makes you want to write and work on the blog!

Oh wow. I have no words. I just woke up and found out I’m a finalist and there’s Awards Night tonight!

All of a sudden, I’m ashamed of my plain site layout, my lack of a Site Logo, the lazy Facebook page I made, and the complete lack of engagement with the community.

I’m now acutely conscious of the low-quality entries I made when I first started six months ago, the poor quality images from my battered Galaxy Note 3, and all the typos that I never end up catching before I post.

http://bloggys.ph/  — So this is the magical place where unicorns fly over the icy reaches of hell. Amazing it’s like going to the Academy Awards!

Getting a nomination makes you really want to try hard, but making it to the finals makes you just want to give it all your blood and sweat and your best effort.

I’m afraid, quite afraid actually. It’s that feeling of paralysis when you come up against something that is bigger than you are. Can I measure up? How can I possibly measure up? These are the questions that we writers face all the time, but a reality of it just hit me like a ten ton truck straight in the face, and I am feeling very it quite heavily right now.

It’s just that, all the time I was working on eMuncher.com, it was all about the food, taking pictures of it and writing about how I loved it or how I hated it, and nothing else. I ended up just focusing on that, and that alone.

Nothing else really mattered as long as I could give my attention to the food. I made some half-hearted attempts adding Nuffnang and Infolinks banners, neither of which I even ironed out. I was approved for Google AdSense a few months back but I still haven’t added it to the site. There’s a lot to clean up.  But now I feel like I have to clean up. It’s an unpleasant feeling but something I supposed I have to do in order to grow.


I’m just happy for the wonderful support of my my friends at South Writer’s League, who have kept me going for the past year. Girlygeek.ph has been my mentor for the longest time, healthjunkie.ph always encourages me, plaincutouts.wordpress.com and so many others are great and keep me going.

All my friends and colleagues at the office who have read and continue to read about gastronomic adventures, dear people I may miss when I finally get it into me to go writing full-time instead of a sideline or a hobby.

And in the end, an experience like this is just so humbling, to see myself alongside such heavyweights as pepper.ph and Erwan Yeussaf’s The Fat Kid Inside.

When you get compared to such giants as them, you can’t help but want to try harder. Here’s to even more eMunching in 2016 and what’s left of 015!




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Posted by Erwin Anciano

Erwin has been eating food for the past 30 or so years. Yes, he actually thinks that makes him an expert on all things food-related.

Website: http://emuncher.com

  • http://plaincutouts.wordpress.com Gaby Formoso

    Erwin! I’ve only read this article now. Aw thank you for the mention! It really starts with a silly idea between two hungry people, eh? Keep on eatin’!


    • http://www.protegeek.com Erwin Anciano

      Hunger is what makes us strive for more! We miss you Gaby please come back to the South. 🙂