Today, I sold my 1.1.4 Jailbroken 16GB 1G iPod Touch codenamed Sushi and bought a 2.1 Jailbroke 8GB 2G iPhone, codenamed Sushi Mk. II. There were reasons for this; while I adored the iPod Touch’s sleek form factor I really needed mobile internet to go, and WiFi wasn’t cutting it with the lack of hotspots in my area.

Thus the solution was to use my uMobile SIM, which had about 5 hours of free internet time per month on it, loadable as needed, and later on possibly upgrade to PLDT WeRoam’s pre-paid kit which comes with 3 free months and a free WiFi subscription to Airborn Access. To do this, I needed a SIM slot in my iPod Touch, which means I needed to upgrade to an iPhone.

Well it was a good idea on paper but in effect there were problems. The first among others were the reasons why I went with the Touch over the iPhone in the first place: the iPhone is fat, ugly, expensive, has a recessed headset jack, and is generally not as nice to hold or carry as the Touch. I was also going down to half the capacity — and 16GB iPhones are like thrice the price of a 16GB iPod Touch.

But I thought I could live with that, what I didn’t count on were the other problems in the mix due to 2.1 firmware being crap: missing Movie tabs in iTunes to sync my anime to the Touch, slow sluggish performance, and worse of all uMobile not working at all on the iPhone 2.1. This was ridiculous!

Well I heard that 1.1.4 fixes these problems and I have to agree — my 1.1.4 Touch was lightning fast compared to this chunky iPhone — so I will now try to downgrade my iPhone to 1.1.4.

It takes a bit of work, (see here: so wish me luck.