On my roadtrip to Tagaytay, I saw the most unusual thing. It’s a hamburger that’s colored Red.

There really aren’t that many sights in food that can catch my attention. Smells, yes. I am attracted to strong, powerful flavors that give off the most delectable aromas.  But visually, food has to do a lot more to really catch my attention. I’ve seen it all.

Except… a Red Burger.

It’s from Red Engine, which I saw hawking its wares at Sky Ranch in Tagaytay. They also have a branch at the Podium in Ortigas, which apparently is their first branch. But this restaurant has not gotten much attention it seems, probably because its location is not as well-trodden.

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They offer a lot of other food there. But I didn’t notice any of it. I only saw…. you know what I saw.

Well, let’s give it the attention it deserves. Because, it’s a Red Burger!

And so the massive monstrosity arrived. It’s proudly 100% Angus Beef, so they say. It clocks in at 399 bucks but it’s really, really massive. It’s also got black sesame on the bun, dripping with juices from those tw0 enormous burger patties, lettuce and tomatos and onions here and there. Really, what’s not to like?

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We split it three ways between me and the Veems Team.

This burger is too much manliness for mere mortals like us.
This burger is too much manliness for mere mortals like us.

So I went ahead and gulped down my portion. The bread, which gave it its distinctive red color, was truly weird. Its texture was different from normal breads. It’s probably due to the red food coloring or whatever it is they used to color it red. It didn’t taste like beets or anything, so it’s probably just food coloring.

The Chinese use a technique to color their manjuu (er, Siopao) buns into different colors. That’s probably what they did here. In fact, this bread tastes a lot like Mantao. It probably is, in a fashion. That’s the easiest way to describe how the bread tastes. It’s like eating siopao.

The pattie on the other hand is a totally different story. It’s pure unadulterated awesome. No extenders here, just a lot of delicious beef. It also tastes strongly, very strongly, of garlic. It’s probably 80% beef and 20% garlic. And yes, that is not a bad thing! I can even feel the sinews while I’m munching. Nom nom nom!

The last great secret to this burger is the cheese sauce. It’s a very rich, thick creamy cheese sauce, probably made of cream cheese and cheddar. It’s delicious. I love it! And it blends in perfectly with the onions and garlic taste of the burger.

Color me impressed. Color me… Red. Hahah what an obviously bad pun.


But seriously this is a great burger. I look forward to eating it when I have the chance at Tagaytay or in Ortigas. But probably in Tagaytay, where the air is clearer and your taste buds are more alive.

Go drop by the Sky Ranch and have a great burger guys! Treat yourself.

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