So, I had just come back home to Alabang from Antipolo and it was a long drive, and much was said about what I had seen and said throughout the day. But now I wanted to kick back and relax a little to soothe my weary muscles. So what better than to have a quick drink?

We drove by Total gas station in Westgate, Alabang. There wasn’t much of a selection, but I saw a few beers I wanted to try. Here’s the selection of stuff I ended up downing.

That's a lot of stuff to drink. But it was very light.
That’s a lot of stuff to drink. But it was very light.

Now on the left you’ll see Kirin Ichiban. It’s a Japanese beer that some friends of mine swear by. It’s made mostly of barley and not hops, so that gives it an immediate demerit. I have found in my time of drinking beers that barley beer tastes… ickier while hops beer is smoother. I don’t know why, but that’s how I’ve always found it.

Kirin Ichiban tastes much smoother than other malt barley variants like San Miguel Light or Red Horse. However, it still had that bittery taste I don’t really enjoy that much in beers. Some triva: that animal you see in the picture of the beer can is a Kirin. It’s a Japanese mythological creature with the feet of a horse, the body of a dragon, the tail of a lion, and the face of a unicorn. Ichiban means, “The Best” (literally Number One).


Next is Colt 45. It’s the third one from the left there. Colt 45 is another malt-based beer. It’s similar in flavor to Kirin Ichiban, but I found it was smoother and tastier. I am a Japanophile so typically I favor stuff from Japan, but my taste buds do not lie. Colt 45 is the superiors beer.

Colt 45 is a long-time famous beer from the US, and I find it more favorable compared to the Kirin Ichiban brew.

But the best beer was this thing called Brew Kettle. It’s the fourth drink from the left. Here’s some more pics of it. Brew Kettle is made by Asia Brewery. It tastes very light and smooth, but still has some 5.3%ish alcohol content. According to the bottle it is “Belgian Witbier” style — whatever that means.

However, I can say without a doubt that this brew is much smoother tasting than the other two beers I tried, while I suppose having the same alcohol content kick. Truth be told, though, three bottles of beer ain’t anywhere near close enough to get me drunk.


I added some Vodka Cruisers to the mix. Well not exactly. They look like Vodka Cruisers, but they are not. Here we have something called a “Breezer” — they’re the two yellow and purple bottoms up there. The yellow one was called, “Jamaican Passion” while the purple one is “Blackberry Crush.” Of the two, the Blackberry Crush tasted better. Here’s another low 6%ish alcohol content drink. It’s very similar to the Vodka Cruiser drinks, but doesn’t taste as smooth.

They are actually Bacardi Breezers and are rum-based instead of the popular vodka cruisers I like to drink. Here’s the site I found about it. I did note that the flavors there are different from the one I got, but the emblem and logo are the same.

The yellow Jamaican flavor when drank has a quick citrusy taste, but immediately has a strong alcohol aftertaste that ruins the effect. I was not very fond of it. The blackberry flavor was better, its strong berry juice taste masked the alcohol taste better.

Let me say that, as a drink, I don’t really enjoy the taste of alcohol per se, I just like tasting good stuff while getting drunk. So the less alcohol I taste while imbibing enough of it to get me drunk, the better. I so with that in mind, the Blackberry Breezer and the Brew Kettle were the much better options tonight.


Anyway, I finished up everything and didn’t even get tipsy. Ah, such sadness. At least I got home safe and sound. Don’t drink and drive people, you will spill the beer!

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