After a disastrous encounter with the worthless Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake, I swore off Japanese cheesecakes as a failed culinary monstrosity.  Call me a Western cheesecake fanboy, but Uncle Tetsu’s wasn’t even a cheesecake, it was more like a dry mamon that wasn’t as moist, cheesy, or tasty. It was a travesty and something I will never buy again.

But after lambasting the Japanese Cheesecake for so long, I finally ended up passing by The Landmark and checking out the Kumori bakeshop. After much insistence from my friend, I ended up trying the best-selling Kumori cheesecake bar.

Tiny little bugger. But creamy.
Tiny little bugger. But creamy.

This is the Hanjuku Cheesecake bar, and it’s a tiny affair about as big as two of my fingers put together. It costs about 50 bucks, which isn’t so bad though a bit pricey considering how small it is, but I bought a worthless Uncle Tetsu mamon for 300 so I don’t see how this could hurt.

So I grabbed one, popped it open, and wolfed it down.

And was pleasantly surprised!

Unlike the dry, airy and insubstantial Uncle Tetsu cake, this one was moist and quite full-bodied. The main difference was the creamy custard inside. It’s the same mamon-like dough, but moist and rich, with a very cream-cheesy taste. It’s also moderately sweet, but not so much. However, with the custard erupting in your mouth it feels like an actual proper cheesecake and not some kind of ridiculous Goldilocks reject.

I only got one before I ran off to my next destination, but if the rest of Kumori’s products are this good I’ll be back to try more. I am totally going to get the chocolate version next time, as well as try out their fuwa-fuwa buns and whatever else. If only Kumori would open up shop in the South, I am just not in the North that often and I specialize in Southern restaurants and foods after all.


Still, I am thankful to the Kumori Bakeshop for introducing me to this wonderful treat and saving the name of Japanese cheesecakes. I was just about ready to write off this branch of Japanese cuisine.

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