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I had lunch over at Alabang Town Center today and I came across this small kiosk right after finishing my bowl. It’s right in the Alabang Town Center food court, at the front.  It was hot and I was in the mood, so the alluring words “Ice Cream” magnetically drew me to the kiosk.

So I stopped over and looked into the freezer, there were four flavors of ice cream sandwiches from Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Pistachio. Each bar cost 50 bucks. So I thought, “Well if I can buy a Magnum for 60 bucks, surely I can try out a possibly delicious ice cream sandwich find for 50.”

Here is the ice cream sandwich in question.

Louie Luis Icecream Bar 1

The sandwich is wrapped in some kind of metallic foil. It’s not aluminum, it’s braced in some kind of plastic so it doesn’t tear easy. There was actually a guide at the kiosk on “how to open” the bar, because people are stupid and we need to be taught things in order not to mess them up. Right?

Well, yeah. because I messed up opening mine!

Ice Cream Opening Fail


It’s interesting to note that the sandwich is not actually sealed; it’s just the bag folded up and then taped close with a small circular tab of sticky paper. I just tore the paper, so as not to damage the ice cream bar, then ineptly twirled the perforations, but I failed and as you can see the result is not pretty.

Still, it’s edible. So let’s eat!

Ice Cream Disappointment


And my enthusiasm suddenly drops 98.99%.  This is what I got for my 50 bucks.

There are two huge wafers which sandwich the ice cream inside. As you can see, the wafers comprise about 70% of the bar. Each slab of wafer is more than the very tiny layer of ice cream in the middle. On one side, as you can see above there’s a bit more ice cream in the bar, looks like it’s wear the bar melted and the ice cream pooled there a bit before getting re-frozen.

Distressingly, that thin waif of ice cream in the middle wasn’t even pure ice cream. It felt like, I dunno, extenders! I hear McDonald’s puts tons of ’em in their burger patties. I guess the ice cream industry has caught on to this neat little trick. The ice cream wasn’t pure cold icy creamy goodness; it felt like there were wafer bits stuck in there as well.

The Verdict

Avoid this ice cream sandwich at all costs. It is not worth the money and did not taste very good. As much as I lambasted the Magnum Cafe, Magum ice cream bars are infinitely better than this. At least they are pure bars of rich delicious ice cream.

The better alternative is to go right across the hall from Louie-Luis and grab a Dilly Bar Sandwich sandwich for 40 bucks from Dairy Queen. In the Town Center, there’s a DQ right across the food court. That is a much better ice cream sandwich fix than this wafer-in-disguise. Another good option is the Gonuts Donuts ice cream sandwich, which also go for 40 bucks.



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