When it comes to popular chocolate, you have big names like Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli and the like, but the premium brand that is practically unknown and never mentioned is this little-known Japanese brand known as Royce.

Unlike other brands, Royce is a young company, it was only established in Sapporo back in 1983, but since I first got a taste of its delicious creamy chocolate five years ago I have been a huge fan.  There used to be a stall in Alabang Town Center, but it died out as there were issues with the management. Today you’ll need to go to Makati to get some Royce goodies, you can check them out in Greenbelt 5 or at the Power Plant mall.

While their standard chocolate bars are really good, and have that kind of creamy tasty chocolate flavor that I would say is as good as, if not better, than Godiva, the chocolate that will make you swoon is Royce’s Nama line.

Nama is a ridiculously fine blend of chocolate and cream, and when you pop it in your mouth it melts like no tomorrow and explodes in a burst of creamy chocolatey flavor.

They are pre-cut into tiny rectangles and a plastic “feeding skewer” is included in the package, which by the way it sent out in a thermal bag with some dry ice inside, because allowing it to melt would just ruin it.

Here are the little squares with the little plastic skewer.
Here are the little squares with the little plastic skewer.


Today I brought home some Nama Ecuador — one of my favorite blends. It uses Ecuador chocolate beans and has just a slight tinge of bitterness to it, and a rich clean chocolatey taste. I was so disappointed with the terrible Villa Del Conte chocolate I had gotten last week that I needed something good to please my taste buds.

When you pop it into your mouth the cocoac powder coats your tongue in a quick flash of bitterness, before the texture of the chocolate floats onto your tongue and dissolves to coat your mouth in a rich, creamy sensation. The milky chocolate taste then springs to life, with just a hint of bitter chocolatey taste, but more full-bodied cream and cocoa. I absolutely love it!

And just like that, an entire row of the chocolate disappeared before my eyes. I would hunt this chocolate down to extinction, I swear.

Chocolate lovers simply cannot afford to miss this amazing confection from Japan. If you love chocolates, you owe it to yourself to have some Royce Nama. Be sure to bring one back from the mall when you pass by Makati. Be prepared to fork over some gold though — the Nama varieties go for 630 bucks for 125g of bliss.

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