After a hearty Chinese meal, the best thing to do is have dessert! Well, the best thing after every meal is to have dessert.  Yes, I have empirical data from 30 years of eating to back that up. Every time I ate a meal and had dessert after, I smiled. Every time I ate a meal and had no dessert, I was frowning. Yes, I have 99.99% statistical confidence in that.

So where else to have dessert but at Bellevue’s Cafe d’Asie Pastry Corner?  I have much faith in the Bellevue’s chefs and artisans. They are top notch. Here we have some really good desserts!

Some mini cakes! Delicious!
Some mini cakes! Delicious!
The cake of the month: Pistachio Cake!
The cake of the month: Pistachio Cake!
And some Chinese moon cakes for good measure!
And some Chinese moon cakes for good measure!


Really, they all look delicious. We ended up ordering some Chocolate Ensaimada, a blueberry Cheesecake and a Truffle Cake.

The Chocolate Ensaimada. This is Cafe d'Asie's best seller.
The Chocolate Ensaimada. This is Cafe d’Asie’s best seller.

And it’s very good! Unlike other ensaimadas which become great through their crisp dough and cheese, this one is packed with chocolate and cream. It’s not just chocolate on top, though; there’s a rich chocolate folded into the dough inside, so when you take a bite you are welcomed with a lot of chocolatey goodness.

They chocolate isn’t your run of the mill chocolate either; it’s not just some sweet Hershey’s style chocolate; it’s got a European Spanish vibe to it with rich bitter body and full chocolate bean goodness packed in. It’s not too bitter and it’s still definitely a sweet, but the flavor of the chocolate is much more complex than the typical milk chocolate.

For that alone, this gets a huge thumbs up!

The Blueberry Cheesecake
The Blueberry Cheesecake

I always like eating Blueberry Cheesecakes because it’s a very basic dish that lets you really see how good the patisserie is. Well, this blueberry cheesecake: not the best I’ve had, but it has some unique points to it.

The cheese cake part is where it kind of falls flat. It’s definitely rich and creamy, but it’s missing a deep-cheese taste to it that I am used to having from some other cheesecakes, like Starbuck’s cheesecakes for instance. This is very creamy, but it’s lacking maybe a little salt and butter to give it that oomph. I tasted too much cream and not enough cheesy savory taste.

On the plus side, the crust was something else. Unlike the typical graham cracker crust or what not, this one seems to have made its crust out of pinipig and oats or something. It’s very refreshing and had me pondering how they came up with the taste. I recommend this just to try the crust. It’s something else.  On the downside, the crust was very soggy and not crisp; the texture fell flat.

The blueberry sauce and blueberries on top were pretty run of the mill. Not too watery, but not very rich. All in all, a good cheesecake. But I’ve had much better.

My favorite: the chocolate truffle cake!
My favorite: the chocolate truffle cake!

Now this is where Bellevue’s patisserie redeems itself. This cake may not look like much, but it’s absolutely bursting with chocolate goodness. Remember the chocolate I was raving about in the ensaimada above? Well it’s all here, a hundredfold!!  It’s such a rich chocolatey taste, and since it’s truffle style, it’s almost fully chock-filled with milk chocolate, and very little cake batter to get in the way of your craving.

There is some solid white chocolate with crisped rice on top to serve as a break in texture and taste, but let’s not kid ourselves what we want is down there in chocolate heaven!

I highly recommend this Truffle Cake, do not eat here without trying this.


I’ve eaten breakfast at Cafe d’Asie many times, but they don’t have the gourmet patisserie treats lined up there. This is my first time really focusing on the sweets side of the equation and I did not come away disappointed. The chocolate was the key selling point. The cheesecake was not that good, but the use of chocolate was top-notch.

A must for chocolate lovers, come drop by Alabang to have a taste! I will be back soon to try their other treats.


Open Daily
6:00am to 10:30am Breakfast
11:30am to 2:30pm Lunch
6:00pm to 10:30pm Dinner

However, for the patisserie section, it’s open all day from 7am to 10:30pm at the ground floor of the old wing, and you can dine in or have the goodies taken out for later consumption.

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