Now, I am not as big a Korean Food fan as I am a Japanese foodie, but I still love eating at Korean restaurants because:

  • The cuisine is healthy (veggies, veggies, veggies)
  • The food is spicy
  • The portions are big
  • The taste is awesome

Whenever you eat at a proper sit-down Korean restaurant, they always serve you with a load of banchan (or side dishes) and they are almost always sea food and vegetables. My particular favorite is their dilis/anchovies, which are prepared the exact same way the Japanese do. My old favorite Japanese restaurant, Okaasan (which is no longer around), served these anchovies as appetizers each time and they have always been great.

Yummy Dilis! They are rich in calcium, and I can eat them all day long.
Yummy Dilis! They are rich in calcium, and I can eat them all day long.

Since they’re so good, I will post them again!

Dilis Again!
Dilis Again!

They are crunchy, salty, and spicy at the same time, and are just so addictive. I could eat them all day.

But that’s not the only side dish you get. This time around, they also gave us some kimchi, some cabbage, some spiced lettuce and some weird potato thing.

Banchan differs everyday depending on what's on hand. But you always get something.
Banchan differs everyday depending on what’s on hand. But you always get something, and you always get kimchi.

They also served us the house tea. This tea was incredible.

I recommend this tea. It is very delicate yet has a rich taste.
I recommend this tea. It is very delicate yet has a rich taste. It’s like black tea, but with a tufty, almost fruity taste that uplifts. Apparently it’s also good for my liver. So I can drink booze afterwards. That’s a win.

But I sat at Bulgogi Brothers today not to eat Banchan or drink Tea, but to eat my favorite Korean dish, Bibimbap.  What is Bibimbap? Well it’s a rice bowl dish with some veggies and beef, some egg, and slathered in a spicy red sauce, which is the Bibimbap sauce and literally is the secret sauce.

And I have to say, I’ve eaten at quite a few Korean restaurants, but Bulgogi Brothers has the best Bibimbap. Even better than Soga Miga’s. I think Soga Miga’s is more “authentic” but BB has the better tasting version in my opinion.

Look at that. It's delicious heaven!
Look at that. It’s delicious heaven!

Unlike other Bibimbaps which serve ground beef or maybe sirloin or striploin, Bulgogi Brothers goes with their speciality – Bulgogi – and adds that directly into the Bibimbap. This might be why I like it more than other Bibimbaps, but I am sure the sauce they use is also special in its own way.

They also serve it in a sizzle hotplate bowl, so the rice at the bottom cooks and gets all crusty if you leave it too long, but I love eating that crisped rice myself. I even scratch it off the bottom of the plate to eat! I love texture and it is texture galore.

The rice, the veggies used, the sauce, the bulgogi, all of these come together to form a wonderful dish that is Bulgogi Brother’s Bibimbap. It’s tastier than any other Bibimbap I’ve tried, except probably Pepper Lunch’s amazing Bulgogi which reminds me a lot of Bibimbap in many ways, but that is more of a fusion thing, sort of like Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Bibimbap Bowl (which is also excellent, but really nothing like Bibimbap).

This is a traditional Bibimbap, more or less, and it is amazing Bibimbap.


Give it a try next time you visit a Bulgogi Brother’s restaurant!


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