My lack of culture is clearly showing. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to pronounce the name of this upstart Korean baker. It’s a good thing I didn’t take any French classes in highshool or college. I would have flunked immediately.

But how about Tous les Jours? Will this bakery flunk the grade?

Tous flaunts its authenticity on its shoulder.  As an “Authentic Bakery” with fresh, “high quality natural ingredients” the bread is made everyday and even goes on sale the night before, as most good bakeries do — something the much more popular Bread Talk doesn’t.

Just how “authentic” is this Korean French baker, anyhow? I mean, it’s got obviously non-authentic fusion fare in its breadbox, like “Black Rice Bread.” I bet you Napoleon didn’t have that back in his day.

Well authenticity matters little to me. Taste is much more important.

Tous’ bakeries have a very homey, rustic feel. The decor is definitely tastefully done, and the food on display, especially in the patisserie section, just look divine. Although it’s a bakery and not a patisserie, the cakes and desserts just looked great. Look at these beautiful macarons, they look like they would taste awesome.

Displays like this make me want to reach out and eat before paying
Displays like this make me want to reach out and eat before paying

Well I went ahead and bought a whole bunch of bread to taste test. Here are the casualties of my bread binge:

Sweet Black Rice Bread with Cream Cheese

My favorite Tous bread
My favorite Tous bread

This ended up being my favorite bread of all from Tous. It’s a thick, chewy dough not unlike Gavino’s mochi doughnuts. This one though isn’t as oily but it has this great elasticity that you don’t find in many cheap breads. It tastes just right, and the hidden delight is the gracious cream cheese filling inside, which is slightly sweet and all creamy. There’s not too much of it, just enough to accent the bread. I would have liked more, but that’s just the glutton in me talking.

The delicious cream cheese filling makes this an almost perfect bread
The delicious cream cheese filling makes this an almost perfect bread

On the whole, a delightful bread. I will be buying this often. At 48 bucks a pop, it’s not so bad.


The Japanese Cheesecake that doesn't suck
The Japanese Cheesecake that doesn’t suck

This is their Japanese cheesecake. I bought this with a LOT of apprehension because of the very bad experience I had with Uncle Tetsu. This cake is about the same size but a bit smaller I feel. It goes for 198php, which is a third the price of Uncle Tetsu’s.  Fortunately, my fears were mostly unfounded. This was a much better Japanese cheesecake. Not as good as Kumori’s, because it doesn’t have a cream filling like Kumori’s.

However, the actual body of the cake wasn’t the light, eggy flavor of Tetsu’s. It has a much more cream-cheesy taste, meaning they didn’t skimp on the cream cheese and actually tried to make an actual cheesecake.  The consistency is also thicker, and you feel it’s more packed with the good stuff rather than the airy, “bite nothing” feel of Uncle Tetsu’s.

If you are looking to try Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake, do yourself a favor, save yourself 100 bucks, and eat this one instead.  It’s superior in every way.

I tried refrigerating and freezing it to see if that would help the consistency, as this improves the quality of many Western cheesecakes I’ve tried. It was a big mistake. Not sure why, but freezing it I guess trapped water in the pockets of the dough and solidified ice inside? When I next ate it the cream cheese taste disappeared and it because pretty lifeless. Refrigerating it is okay just to chill, but don’t keep it there long. This is best eaten fresh.

Still nothing I would ever buy again, because “real” cheesecake from decadent Westerners is more my taste, but at least I was able to satisfy my curiousity about this one.


Milk Bread

This milk bread was pretty good, but plain
This milk bread was pretty good, but plain

This is an unassuming bread that looks like a Chinese siopao or manjuu. It has a sweetish texture, like there was sweetened milk poured into the dough. However, it wasn’t a particularly tasty treat and did not stand out at all. The bread feels like a manjuu instead of a Western bread, and that’s great for those who like that.  I felt it lacked a little something to top off the flavor, so I’m not going back to this bread. It’s 48 bucks a pop.

Pure Cheese Bread

It's like a manjuu with cheese on top!
It’s like a manjuu with cheese on top!

This bread was kind of like the Milk Bread, except it had that something missing — there’s some cheesy goodness found inside and it rounds out what I felt was missing from the Milk Bread. Its 10 bucks more expensive than the Milk Bread, but instead of being sweetish this one is more savory because of the cheese.

Creamcheese Walnut Bread

It's a delicious bunch of yummy cream cheese!
It’s a delicious bunch of yummy cream cheese!

Now this is the good stuff. Here’s a nice big western-style bread topped with shredded walnuts and some cream cheese inside. It’s a bit pricey at 128 bucks, but it’s pretty large and is about twice the size of the usual bread. I liked it a lot, the walnuts add a great texture to the bread, but I find it a little too pricey to be buying all the time.

Double Cheese Bread

It's a really nice cheese bread. It almost looksl ike bibingka!
It’s a really nice cheese bread. It almost looksl ike bibingka!

Now we’re talking! It’s not a “bigger” version of the Pure Cheesebread, but is instead a largish bread that looks like a Danish with six pools of delicious cream cheese marking the surface. It actually kind of looks like a bibingka with six eggs on top. But it’s not, and it tastes great. It’s consistency is more akin to a pastry bread more than a table bread, and the generous cream cheese portions make it feel like a real dessert. Even at 98 pesos, I feel like it’s a good deal.


That's the mango over there
That’s the mango over there

These little critters were heavenly. I bought a five back, so I didn’t get to taste all the flavors, but each color corresponds to a different flavor. The taste is very subtle, but these are pretty good macarons and the price is not so bad at 28 per pop. I only got to try the regular flavors in the pack of five, and did not get to taste the premium ones like Blueberry or Korean Cherry, which are 38 bucks each.

The brown one is chocolate, which is ok. The white one is vanilla, and it’s a very… vanilla flavor. The yellow is mango, which tasted quite nice. The pink one was strawberry, and you could tell the strawberry flavor came out. My favorite was the green one, which is obviously macha. But I am biased as a macha lover so there.  The macarons all had the same base taste, and weren’t too sweet, but were light and fluffy, then afterwards the flavor comes out after a few bites. All in all, it was a good experience.

Macha Mac! It looks like it's floating, doesn't it?
Macha Mac! It looks like it’s floating, doesn’t it?

I am a big bread eater. I prefer eating sandwiches to rice meals, and Tous did hit the spot for my bread cravings. My favorite bakery is still French Baker, but Tous is fighting for a nice spot. I don’t know why this bakery doesn’t get much attention, everyone is all about Bread Talk, which to be honest has some very bad dough going into their breads.

Tous has good dough, which is really the most important thing in a bakery. It’s quite elastic, even the non-mochi breads, and never dry. I’ve been to Tous back and forth for the past few weeks trying different breads and I can attest that the quality is consistent.  The price is quite premium, definitely not something like Pan De Manila or other bakeries where you can buy a lot of bread for less than fifty bucks, but it’s one of those premium treats that I can justify spending on, because the quality of the bread is quite good.

I don’t know if it’s a pattern in my bread buying, but Tous definitely has a thing for cream cheese. They’re pretty good at using it and a lot of their breads incorporate it. The results are quite good, and my favorite breads were the ones using cream cheese. Their cheese cake also uses cream cheese to good effect. I feel that their chefs know the value of cream cheese, and the best ways to bring out its flavor in bread.

I wish this bakery all the luck, unlike some bakeries which I wish would just fold under. I’m happy that they’ve done well enough to have major representation in the big malls here down south, Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall. I could have sworn they were at Southmall but when I went around I couldn’t find it!  But regardless, it’s easy enough to find in Town or in Festival.

If you’re a bread lover, try this one out it’s a much better experience than most other bakeries.

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