Earlier this month I had dropped by SM Southmall and I was shocked to find that Tokyo Cafe was gone.  This saddens me greatly because Tokyo Cafe was one of those enjoyable Japanese family restaurants that, while not being the best tasting at any dish, generally had a good lineup of delicious food.

I recall particularly enjoying their pizzas, as well as their various donburi and and rice dishes.

This is Tokyo Cafe’s California Maki. I will admit it was one of their worse entrees, but it’s the only picture I was able to find in my Dropbox.  I have decided to post it in saying farewell to Tokyo Cafe in the south.  For us Southern Foodies, we will simply have to go up North if we wish to partake of Tokyo Cafe once again.



Tokyo Cafe California Maki
Ah, the California Maki, with Salmon Roe, sesame seeds and lots of vinegared rice


Tokyo Cafe’s California Maki isn’t something I’d recommend, the taste is pretty shallow and there is no depth to the flavor. It’s basically just vinegared rice. The sesame on top isn’t even toasted to give off a good aroma, and while the salmon roe offers a nice texture to your tongue, it doesn’t improve the taste much.

I also had a shot of some Katsudon, which was much better. It’s not the best Katsudon I’ve had,  as the flavor is also understated, but it was much more enjoyable. It also comes with some Miso Soup, which isn’t the best I’ve had either but at least it had a nice onion flavor and some sea wood to keep me happy. It’s very savory and fulfills that hunger in your stomach in a way the maki could not.

Tokyo Cafe, Goodbye


As a food blogger in the south of the metro I’ve always felt a little inconvenienced by how most of the good food restaurants are up north, but I also remind myself that there are lot of good restaurants down south that aren’t found up north.  Most of these are in the BF area, but some like the once-south-exclusive Yushoken were true gems that people up north actually went down south for a change just to taste test.

Losing Tokyo Cafe is a major blow and one I will be feeling for a long time.

Hopefully I find a new restaurant down south to take my mind off of it. Excuse me while I weep in a corner now.

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