I cannot for the life of me fathom why any cheesecake lover would find this glorified mamon palatable.

Cheesecakes are meant to celebrate the rich creamy flavor of cheese. They were invented in England and they were rich and creamy. While I can appreciate regional interpretations of the dish, I cannot appreciate recipes that are bereft of taste and enjoyment.

Uncle Tetsu is the ultimate worst cheesecake I have ever tried, and I’m putting that in bold letters so you don’t miss it. And I’ve baked many flops and they still tasted better. Tetsu’s cake is not moist; it is dry. It is very light, meaning there is almost no substance to it when you bite in. Consequently, there is almost no flavor to it. “Creamy” is not a word I would use to ever describe it, yet for some reason a lot of blogs around here are saying it’s a super delicious, creamy cheesecake.

I have to question their usage of the word and if their grasp of the English language is fine, then I have to doubt the veracity of their tastebuds. For instance:

The Peach Kitchen
“…this beautiful merry-go-round-like cheesecake that’s not only fluffy and creamy…”

The Metro Joe
“…has a creamy and a light cheesy taste…”

I am sorry to have to call out your reviews on this, but I cannot tolerate what I see as blatant misrepresentation of a product. Worse, you are encouraging people to part with 300 bucks for a product that is for all intents and purposes inferior to a Goldilocks Mamon that you can buy for 20.

Goldilocks Mamon is moister, tastier, and even cheesier than these Tetsu cheesecakes! (the special version has grated cheese on top at least).

Tetsu doesn’t taste cheesy or creamy in the least. It is more eggs than cream cheese. I would actually be surprised if any actual cream cheese was used in the preparation. Worse, it’s extremely dry and not moist, making the eggy flavor unpalatable. It’s not as bad as some really dried out eggnog I’ve had, but for a cheesecake it’s inexcusable, and I’ve had mamon that was moister, more buttery and tastier than this.

I cannot believe how many people love this cheesecake. I hate to say it, but I can’t be the lone kid in the crowd to call out the Emperor for not wearing any clothes.

You may say there is just something wrong with me and I’m an idiot. Fair enough. I suggest you go to an Uncle Tetsu branch, fork over 300 bucks and try out the Original Cheesecake, and see if you are going to be happy with your purchase.

Don’t think of the blogs, don’t think of the gushing praise, just think about your tastebuds and maybe try to remember what that slice of mamon you had sometime back tasted like. And ask yourself, is this 300 peso cheesecake worth it?

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Posted by Erwin Anciano

Erwin has been eating food for the past 30 or so years. Yes, he actually thinks that makes him an expert on all things food-related.

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  • http://www.thepeachkitchen.com Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Hi Erwin,

    It’s so nice to meet you. Just letting you know my grasp of the English language is fine. My tastebuds is fine too last time I checked, thank you very much. Please don’t judge as I am not judging you. To each his own. I bake a mean English cheesecake too — and it’s one of my favorite desserts but I really like how fluffy the japanese version of cheesecake is too.


    • http://emuncher.com Erwin Anciano

      Hi Peachy! I know I sounded rather strong there, but I really cannot take this Tetsu Cheesecake!!! It’s unbelievably bad. But it’s true, you are right in that we should not be too judgemental, and while I stand by my take on the Uncle Tetsu cheesecake, I do offer apologies for any offense I may have given to you and your integrity. I would like to say that I actually agree and love most of your reviews, just this one where we just not seeing eye to eye on.