Well, there’s a new Korean Barbecue Restaurant at Molito, Alabang (my favorite place to eat Ramen with the famous Yushoken, among other things).   The place is called Yoree, and when you see it it looks pretty unassuming and quite tacky, to be honest with its big, bold letters with bluish backlights saying “Korean Barbecue.” Can’t say it looked all that nice, especially since to your right you would see another Korean restaurant, Soga Miga, and that one is proven to taste very good.

After checking out the menu, which was priced about what you’d expect from a Korean restaurant, I ended up ordering one of the combo meals. It’s this Bulgogi Set, and it came out like this:

2015-02-03 12.46.05
Tasty Bulgogi set with tons of side dishes

It was a big steaming platter of beef cooked the Bulgogi way, and as any Korean restaurant worth its breeches would, it comes with tons of banchan (that’s side dishes for us dweeby English-speaking people) and it has the usual mix of kimchi, assorted veggies and even some fish. All this cost 500 bucks, however, you have to order at least two (another annoyance at Korean restaurants — like they’re discriminating against single people!)

(but fortunately I had a date. 🙂

Well, the meat was tasty enough and the dishes came out relatively okay, but I have to say the taste wasn’t anything special. It filled me up, and it better had for 500 bucks, but the waiters weren’t very attentive and had to be prodded over and over to re-fill my glass of water. I expect to have to do that at a fast food joint, but not at a classy restaurant.

What’s funny is that a Korean guy came in with some of his Korean friends, sat down behind me, and as he got his banchan he took a bite of the kimchi and started screaming, calling for a waiter. When said unfortunate man arrived, The Korean (we shall refer to him as that from now on) repeatedly berated the poor guy that “this is not authentic!” and he up and left, just walked out, leaving the poor waiter dumbfounded and speechless, especially considering he probably had nothing to do with cooking the meal.

I mean, yeah I’ve seen a lot of Korean jerk asses here in the South (they’ve invaded and taken over BF Homes after all) but rarely do you see one as blatantly offensive as that guy, and he’s an eat and runner to boot!  I hope the police caught him and forced him to pay his bill.

That said, can’t blame him. The food was tasty but it did not taste distinct nor was it that good. It wasn’t even remotely comparable to Soga Miga which was just across the street, and which had much more succulent treats. The price is about a wash, so I really can’t see any reason to recommend Yoree other than to hope to see some pompous Korean elitist ass walk in and cause a scene.


If that’s your thing, I can recommend Yoree wholeheartedly, otherwise just skip it and eat at Soga Miga, Bulgogi Brothers or even Bon Chon instead.


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